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Researchers Take Aim at Energy and Sports Drinks

Energy and sports drinks often contain dangerously high levels of caffeine and herbal stimulants. Credit: Getty Images
Distilled water remains safe for your kids to drink. For now.
But it seems doctors, researchers and Mindy down at...
Distilled water about the only safe drink left for kids.

Red Bull gives you... heart problems?

Red Bull, the popular energy drink may give you wings in more ways than one -- according to an Australian study, they might get you a harp as well and a new, fluffy home in the clouds. Researchers found that even one can of sugar-free Red Bull appear...

Energy drinks + teens = dangerous behavior

As a parent, you probably suspected that energy drinks like Red Bull aren't the healthiest things for a teen. But many look the other way when it comes to energy drinks as they are legal and a lot less harmful than a lot of other things the kids coul...

Brad Pitt is 44!!!

So today is Brad Pitt's birthday. Today he turns a whopping 44. Part of me feels like he's been around forever (because in one way or another he has) and part of me feels like the real Brad is just getting started. After all, on top of everything els...

Energy drinks appeal to the young, not such a good thing

Last winter my son returned home from a day of snowboarding with more random energy than I had ever seen in him. Not only was he talking a mile a minute but he was also pacing back and forth. I asked what he had done, crossing my fingers that it wasn...


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