Kick a Ginger Day Sparks Police Investigation

First there was the "Hit a Jew Day" and now, sadly, there is "Kick a Ginger Day". Based on a South Park episode wherein a character describes redheads as evil and soulless, the idea was launched as a facebook group by a fourteen-year-old Vancouver, B...

Redheads going extinct?

Though you probably wouldn't know it by looking at me, there's a few redheads in my family tree. So it was possible that my child couldn've been born with red hair (and, to be honest, that's kind of what I was hoping for). But my daughter wasn't bo...

Image of the Day: Dreams and clouds

Some of the essential elements that make the perfect summer afternoon are caught in this beautiful Image of the Day sent to us by Emily (RWB). An exhilerating run through the park, a slight breeze in the air, a few puffy clouds framed against a crisp...

Lindsay Lohan tops Hot List, is this good for young girls

When I first saw the remake of The Parent Trap I thought young Lindsay Lohan was just about the cutest thing ever. Her red hair and freckled face combined with a genuine acting talent were very impressive. By the time Lohan made Freaky Friday, Mean G...


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