Chris Brown Opts Out Of Kids' Choice Awards

Chris Brown, who allegedly beat his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, has decided to withdraw his name from the list of nominees for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. Here is what Brown's rep told TMZ on Wednesday: "Chris very much appreciates the supp...

Mother Admits She Doesn't Love Her Daughter

Shelley Price doesn't love her own daughter, and fears she never will. This tearful mother of two is telling her story because she believes that she isn't the only mother to ever tackle such a taboo subject, and hopes she may help others come to term...

DailyDish - Don't take it personally

Want to save your marriage despite having kids? Remember this....

Mark Wahlberg committed to making relationship work

Actor Mark Wahlberg says he is committed to making his relationship work. The former Funky Bunch member has realized, right along with the rest of us, that staying together and keeping a relationship going is hard work, but is committed to staying...

Could an affair save your marriage?

Mira Kirshenbaum is an experienced marriage therapist who has written a book in which she explores the positive side of cheating. She's not talking about fudging the numbers on your golf score, but rather the sneaking-around -behind-your-significant-...

Dating for (long)-married couples

Now that you've been married, for perhaps what seems like forever, do you ever date your spouse? Just in time for Valentine's Day comes an article from the New York Times about how couples who've been together a while try to kickstart that romantic ...

The search for the birth mother

If you were adopted, would you want to meet your birth mother? Would you want a relationship with her? What about if your child were adopted--would you want her to meet her birth mother? Do you think she would want to? There are myriad questions ass...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: It's OVER!

According to Life & Style, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to call it quits. The magazine reports that "multiple insiders confirmed the story to Life & Style, with one longtime friend of Tom’s saying: 'Their relationship i...


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