Limit Sun Exposure in Children, Keep Teens Out of Tanning Booths, Report Advises

Lifelong sun protection should begin at an early age. Credit: Getty Yes, you're always sure everyone in the family is slathered in sunscreen when you go to the beach or the pool, but sorry, Mom. That may not be enough to protect your ki...Rates of skin cancer continue to rise, even in younger people.

Parents Worry Too Much About Fevers in Children, Report Says

A fever may make a child uncomfortable, but it can actually help her body fight off an infection. Credit: Getty A child's fever can be anxiety-provoking for many parents, who often have a gut reaction to do whatever they can to bring t...Parents should help a feverish child feel more comfortable.

Report Ranks Best and Worst States for Child Health Care

A child's access to affordable health care varies widely from state-to-state. Credit: Getty A recent analysis of states' performance in children's health care found that where kids live and their parents' incomes have a significant e...Nationally, 10 percent of children are uninsured, with the rate exceeding 16 percent in three states.

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low, CDC Reports

Not only is the overall U.S. birth rate down, but women are having their children later in life, as well. Credit: Getty
Looks like all those free condom giveaways might be doing the trick, after all. The birth rate for U.S. teen...
The birth rate for U.S. teens fell to the lowest level ever recorded in 70 years of tracking teenage childbearing.

Report Looks at Internet as Influence in Suicides

Rutgers students attend a candlelight vigil for suicide victim Tyler Clementi. Credit: Reena Rose Sibayan, AP
The increase in the number of reports about online suicide pacts, often between people who have never even met, suggests the possibili...
The increase in the number of reports about online suicide pacts, often between people who have never even met, suggest the possibility of a growing phenomenon, according to a new report.

Think Your Kids Kicked the Soda Habit? Better Check School's Cafeteria, Survey Says

Soda and other high calorie beverages are widely available to elementary school kids. Credit: Spencer Platt, Getty Images
If you think your kid's diet is soda-free because you've banished the drinks from your refrigerator, you may want to take a ...
Is your child drinking milk or soda at school? You might be surprised.

'Can baseball save your marriage?' and other shared activities

Do you like baseball? Any kind of sport? What about traveling or other activities? If you said yes to any of the above, do you enjoy doing so with your spouse? A new report from a set of studies, some of which have been going on for more than a deca...


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