Researchers Review Effectiveness of Treatment for Ear Infections

When used correctly, otoscopes are key in diagnosing children's ear infections. Credit: Getty Images
If your child suffers from frequent ear infections, you may want to discuss some new research findings with your pediatrician. ...
If your child suffers from frequent ear infections, you may want to discuss some new research findings with your pediatrician.

Parent's Stress Has Major Impact on Children and Family, Survey Finds

Studies show parents' stress has a big impact on kids. Credit: Corbis Think you're good at hiding your stress from your children, or that your kids aren't affected by your freak-outs? Sorry, they're on to you. Parents tend to unde...Feeling stressed? Join the club -- and make room for your kids, too.

Obese Teens Grow Into Severely Obese Adults, Study Finds

An obese teen likely will become a severely obese adult. Credit: Altrendo Images, Getty Images
If you're worried that your overweight teen may have a long, difficult struggle ahead of her, there's probably good reason for your concern. Being...
The key is to avoid becoming obese in the first place.

After-Hours Texting and Media Use May Cause More Than Sleep Problems in Kids, Study Finds

If your kids wake up bleary-eyed every day and you're concerned they may have a sleep problem, you may want to take a look at exactly what they're doing after the lights go out. Children who sneak time on their cell phones, computers and other...OMG, parents, it's time to take away your teen's cell at night. Sleep is nothing to LOL about.

Think Your Kids Kicked the Soda Habit? Better Check School's Cafeteria, Survey Says

Soda and other high calorie beverages are widely available to elementary school kids. Credit: Spencer Platt, Getty Images
If you think your kid's diet is soda-free because you've banished the drinks from your refrigerator, you may want to take a ...
Is your child drinking milk or soda at school? You might be surprised.

Mom a Poor Reader? That Could Hurt Her Kid's Success, Study Shows

Reading to your kids is a great way to give them a head start on reading and math skills. Credit: Getty Images
As the debate over public education rages on, a new study points to another factor that could help shape early education programs: Mom'...
Moms with poor literacy can affect their children's success in life.

Researchers Scientifically Prove It's Fun to Play with Kids' Heads

Yes, honey, Santa will refuse to bring you presents if you watch TV from now until Dec. 24. Credit: Getty Images
Researchers at the University of Virginia, apparently bored out of their skulls, decided to test the gullibility of small children. ...
The little rubes will believe anything you tell them, providing hours of entertainment for creative parents.

Moms More Likely to Be Primary Breadwinner and Primary Caretaker, Survey Finds

Unlike the iconic June Cleaver, today's mom is likely to earn more than Dad, but still does most of the housework. Credit: AP photo/file
The recent death of actress Barbara Billingsley, best known as '50s TV mom June Cleaver, has sparked new conv...
Today's mom brings home the bacon, fries it up, cleans it up and feeds the kids.

Safety of Vaccines and Medications Tops List of Priorities for Parents

Parents want more research done on the safety of children's vaccines. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on medical research related to children's health issues, yet parents have little or no...
When asked, nearly nine out of 10 parents rate research on the safety of vaccines, and effectiveness and safety of medicines, as the most important topics regarding children's health, according to a recent poll.

Moms Underestimate Influence on Kids' Obesity

Moms have a big effect on obesity in children. Credit: Getty Images
Sure, you know your behavior influences what your kids do -- that's why you don't regale them with tales of your college drug haze or those one-night stands you had in your 20s. ...
Most moms in the United States underestimate their ability to help prevent obesity in their children, according to a recent survey by HealthyWomen, a leading women's health website.

Kids Less Likely to Have 'Four Eyes,' Study Says

Shades are cool. Prescription eyeglasses? Not so much. Credit: Getty Images
Yes, folks, children with glasses do still get teased and called "Four Eyes." But now, it seems, specs may not have to be the only option to help kids see better at an ...
Specs appeal? Not really. More than half of optometrists say it's appropriate for children to start wearing soft contact lenses between the ages of 10 and 12.

ADHD in Childhood Associated With Risk of Depression and Suicide, Study Says

Early intervention may help kids who develop depression concurrently with ADHD. Credit: Getty Images
Young children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appear to be at greater risk for adolescent depression and/or suicide attempt...
Young children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appear to be at greater risk for adolescent depression and/or suicide attempts five to 13 years after they are diagnosed, according to a report released today.

Are Tweens Really Ready to Babysit?

Even if they have training, are tweens really ready to watch your baby? Credit: Getty Images
Thrilled that your neighbor's kid is finally old enough to babysit? Sorry to throw a monkey wrench into date night, but your tween babysitter actually ma...
Hiring a tween to babysit your child? She may be too busy watching Nick Teen to do a good job.

Daughters Say Dads Should Do More to Prepare Them for Sex and Dating

Dads, do you want your daughters to feel prepared for relationships? Then talk to them. Credit: Getty Images
Well, dads, it looks like you no longer will be able to get out of having "the talk" with your adolescent daughters. A new study repor...
Trying to get out of "the talk" with your daughter? A new study reports that a vast majority of young women feel their dads could have done better in helping to prepare them for sexuality and dating.

In Vitro Fertilization Works Better in the Spring, Study Suggests

Could be that spring is a better time to grow babies, too. Credit: Getty Images
In the spring, they say, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. That might have something to do with the fact that it's easier for a woman to concei...
According to a study presented Sept. 14 at the World Congress of Fertility and Sterility in Munich, Germany, in vitro fertilization rates were found to be highest in the spring (73.5 percent) versus the winter (67.9 percent), summer (68.7 percent) or fall (69 percent).


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