An A-Z Guide On How To Make New Friends

With a little effort, anyone can make new friends. Credit: jupiterimages
Is your child worried about making new friends over the summer? Fear not! We found this amazing list -- compiled by friendship experts Jane Balvanz and Bl...

Self-Esteem Can Take Hit in Cruel Middle School Years

Coaching kids through middle school helps with good behavior. Credit: Sourcebooks
Friendships can turn on a dime in middle school, as a girl named Jamie learned the hard way. She was part of a group of friends until one of them casually sugg...

Genealogy: A Brief Overview

Genealogy involves studying your family by tracing your relatives' lineage and history. This can give fascinating insight into your ancestors, such as their lifestyles, where they lived and their motivations. When researching your forbearers, you ...

Kids of Trans Resource Guide

"When my father explained that (s)he was becoming a woman, (s)he handed me a pamphlet about transgender issues," says Monica Canfield-Lenfest. "I really wanted a pamphlet for me. Ten years later, that resource finally exists." Canfield-Lenfest is the...

Finding the right spot

The plan was to head to our favorite sled hill alongside the highway. There's a wide spot just off the road with plenty of room to park and a service road that, in winter, makes a great place for sledding. So we bundled up the kids, loaded them in th...

Are you an eco mom?

Green living starts at home. At least it does for a growing number of women who are considered "green moms" or "EcoMoms." These women are taking the future of the planet--the one their children shall inherit--personally. And, frankly, from the looks...


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