KB Toys Files for Bankruptcy

A toy store declaring bankruptcy just two weeks before Christmas? I only wish it was a sign that Santa was assigning the elves too much overtime. Instead, when KB Toys declared bankruptcy last Thursday, it was a clear signal that people just aren't ...

Halloween means business

Sure, the economy is going down the drain and everyone is nervously checking the news to see if their bank is still in business, but that doesn't mean parents aren't going to be dressing their little ones up as pirates and princesses this Halloween. ...

In this economy, even parents resort to shoplifting

As our economy continues to tank, so another alarming trend seems to rise. Consumers, parents readily included among them, are resorting to shoplifting. Recently a man in Massachusetts was apprehended with his daughter attempting to steal shrimp a...

Many retailers entertaining kids

Gone are the days of children having to lag along behind Mom and Dad at the grocery store. In fact, many children today are used to going out in public and having the retailers court them. From story time at Barnes & Noble to a playroom at the gr...


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