Rewarding Kids May Not Be the Best Motivator for Success

Daniel Pink, author of Drive, suggests carrots and sticks might not motivate. Credit: Jerry Bauer
Whether it's getting them to master toilet training, trigonometry or taking out the trash, motivating kids sometimes involves a reward. But ar...

Rewards and Bribes, Mayim Bialik and Toys R Us - Links We Love

Is that lollipop a bribe or a reward? Photo courtesy Marja Flick-Buijs/SXC.
We've all resorted to them now and then, so now's a good time to learn the difference between a reward and a bribe. -- Alpha Mom
How not to be a good parent: Mom cal...

Sarah Jessica Parker, Pregnant Women are Smug and More - Links We Love

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting! Photo by Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
It's twins in the city for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick! The NYC power couple and son, James Wilkie, will welcome twin daughters this summ...

Chicago kids to be paid for grades

Would you have studied harder if you knew there was cold hard cash on the line? That's the hope of adminstrators in Chicago where they are implementing a plan designed at Harvard wherein kids will get fifty dollars for an A, thirty-five for a B, and ...

Eight parenting techniques that are setting you back

When my second daughter was born, parenting was physically grueling but not much of a mental game. As long as everyone was fed, dry, and well-rested, our days ran pretty smoothly. But now that they're older, I'm finding myself having to actually pare...

Super secret manipulative plan A: Third Grade

I posted earlier today about my phone call from my youngest son's teacher yesterday. As with lab results, phone calls are just bad news. Good news can wait for the U.S. mail system. After talking to my son's teacher on the phone for an hour, and sugg...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Summer reading links

Library attendance has skyrocketed in our house during the past few days. My daughter has discovered that for every three hours she reads, and then records in her summer reading log, she receives a small reward from the library staff. She is competit...


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