Brad Pitt Hates Paparazzi - Says Family Makes Him "Rich"

About once a year Brad Pitt sits down with the annoying Ann Curry of the Today Show for a grilling about both his professional and personal life. Papa Pitt is ready and eager to talk about the professional side of things--he's currently promoting ...

Will Smith's Kids Pay for Treats with Their Own Money

Wow. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith run a tight ship in their family! Apparently they make their kids pay for things with their own money. Shocking--I know--but it's true! Both Willow Smith and Jaden Smith make money from their own acting gigs, ...

What's up with all the dancing?

I've admitted before how much I love "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV, which is funny, considering how angry the show tends to make me. For example, I will usually yell things such as "Don't talk to your mother that way!" or "No brat needs a Lexus!" when ...


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