road trip 

Car seat safety tip

As you may know I recently took my first road trip with my new baby. Since I don't own a car (yet) the information I am about to provide you with I did not know. Many of you are probably familiar with what I am about to tell you but for those new mo...

Traveling with an infant

Well, I may have done it now. My husband and I have decided to take a road trip to see our parents in about a month. We'll be taking at least one of our dogs, and, of course, the baby. Outside of his trip home from the hospital, my son will never ha...

Road-tripping with a car sick kid

We are planning a little road trip to the nearby mountains. We are meeting a group of friends up there to celebrate a birthday and enjoy the fresh snow. It promises to be a fun time and we are looking forward to it. The drive up, however, promises to...

The best laid plans of mice and men... and parents

We stayed longer at my in-law's than planned, so we didn't leave Sunday night. Sara fell asleep, then woke up when I put her in the car to go home; she didn't stop screaming until she was home in bed. We decided that we didn't want to get her home an...

Whose family gets to see the baby this Christmas?

Argh! In laws! With the holiday season already upon us, emotions are running high. Decisions need to get made and plane tickets need to get bought -- fast! Will you be staying with your family this Christmas, or your spouse's? Maybe you'll be stayi...

Have kids, will travel... in a rental car, with a portable DVD player

It was a good thing my husband and I decided to schedule our visit to my parents for two weeks intead of one this year. As I wrote earlier today, we ended up traveling from Utah to Colorado for a funeral, unexpectedly, and our timeframe made that pos...


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