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Surviving a Family Road Trip: Top 5 Tips

Walley World! Credit: Noel Hendrickson, Getty Images Planning for a family road trip can feel like planning for a major military operation -- all that laundry and packing, plus all those lists and tasks, can make you long for a vacatio...We asked parents and experts for their top tips for surviving a family road trip, and with their help you really can make getting there half the fun.

Best New Family Road Trip Music

Road trip season is upon us, and you need to make all necessary preparations -- including packing some good tunes for the car. If you've got young kids, though, that can be tricky. You don't dare play the radio, lest Lady Gaga suddenly come on s...

DailyDish: Avoiding car sickness

Few things can ruin a road trip faster and more completely than car sickness....

DailyDish: Dozing while driving can be a good thing

If you want to avoid the constant queries of "Are we there yet?", try mixing rest with your ride....

DailyDish: Make the Most Out of Rest Stops

No doubt about it, attempting a trip that involves children cooped up inside a vehicle is a challenge....

Entertaining gadgets for kids on trips

In addition to cookouts and sun tans, summer generally means some sort of travel. And whether you're taking plane, train, or automobile, there's nothing worse than scouring the depths of your purse to find something entertaining for bored kids. The...

Distracting your kids in closed quarters

Yesterday I had to pick Nolan up in a small town about forty five minutes outside my city. The drive there was a breeze, I cranked up the old-lady talk shows I'm partial to these days and careened with excitement toward the gap-toothed smile of my li...

What is the "worth it" line

This weekend, I packed up my snowboarding gear, a pack and play, 6 liters of juice, 7 bags of assorted snacks, a dozen or so whizzpopping, whistling plastic doohickies and three too many hours of cartoonish music. We were going on a road trip. Rob wa...

Vacation fun for the entire family

Karen Walrond posted earlier today on Gadling, our sister blog. She pointed out that once kids enter the picture, you can never think about vacations again. When considering vacation destinations, suddenly you have a little, demanding, potentially LO...


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