Road kill stuffies

If there is someone on your Christmas list with a macabre sense of humor and a strong stomach, consider Twitch the Raccoon. He's small, he's cuddly and he's dead. This little raccoon stuffy hails from London, apparently the victim of a hit and run in...

Have baby: Will travel...on the road

Oh MY GOD. Today, and especially this morning, has been nearly as insane as when I went into labor. I know it's my first time traveling with an infant and everything, but I think I might lose my mind if I don't get to take a shower and just go to ...

Student beautifies roadkill with baby clothes

My heart sinks a little every time I see roadkill on the side of the highway. Someone in Illinois apparently feels the same way, and has decided to do something about it -- dressing the roadkill up in baby clothes, painting the animals' claws with na...


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