Baby Carriage Robbery

So you're driving along, enjoying your day, perhaps thinking about your destination when, suddenly, a baby carriage appears before you. You hit the brakes as hard as you can in a desperate attempt to stop in time, but it's no good -- you hit the carr...

7-year-old girl chases armed robber

Apparently, 7-year-old Alisha works at a convenience store in Reidsville, North Carolina. Well, her mother works there and I guess Alisha was just hanging out when a robber came in. She says this robber had a shirt over his face and began to push but...

Attempted robbery ends in group hug

Imagine you are enjoying a nice meal with your family and friends when suddenly an armed robber appears. He holds a gun to a guest's head and demands that you hand over your money or he will shoot. Should you: (a) tackle the intruder and hope for the...


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