Make Every Day a Happy Day With Your Kids

Routines are the glue that stick together the hours and activities in our days. On a good day, Cabin Fever only has to remind her children to do things once. (On a day of amazing fabulosity, I'd never have to remind anyone of anything at all; but tha...

Dreams for this New Year: Resolution Making for the Whole Family

The gifts have been opened, the toys have been broken, the decorations packed away (except for those still hanging, looking forlorn), and Cabin Fever is sleep-deprived and overfed and suffering from a season of excess. Don't get me wrong: we've had...

Adjusting back-to-school sleep clocks

School starts today in some parts of the nation. Along with new school supplies and clothing, an article on the HealthDay website today suggested that it is time to reestablish children's sleep habits. As children stay up later in the summer, they no...

Schedule or no schedule: What's your style?

Maybe it is because I am chronically organized, maybe it is because I was a teacher, but I am a fan of schedules or, let's call them, routines (sounds less strict, right?) for kids. They really work for our family and help to keep things humming alon...


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