Four-year-old sends balloon to Queen

Tom Stancombe attached a message to a balloon and set it loose in Hampshire, west of London, hoping to find a penpal in another country. The four-year-old released the balloon at a school festival with the goal of reaching France or even points beyon...

Even Royalty likes a good gag

It seems that kids are the same the world over, be they prince or pauper. What parent hasn't had their kids play a trick on them? At two-and-a-half, Sara's very into "Boo!" which, of course, is supposed to scare the dickens out of me. When they get o...

Boy with down syndrome crowned winterfest king

Lewis Eastway isn't your stereotypical high school heartthrob. While he does play basketball (regularly making three-point free throws), he's not captain of the team -- or even on the team, for that matter. And yet, when he was crowned Winterfest Kin...

Princess uses pregnancy to break tradition

I'm sure there are many people, much like myself, that have wondered what life would be like if they were royalty. would you take the Rolls Royce or the Mercedes when you head out? Would you be more Marie Antoinette or Princess Diana? Princess Letici...

Future King of Denmark receives his name

From the Sydney Morning Herald: The half-Australian future king of Denmark officially has a name: Christian Valdemar Henri John. The tiny prince was christianed Friday evening, "surrounded by the cream of European royalty." Apparently, his fourth nam...


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