Do We Need New Baby Name Etiquette?

What about the people who choose a name for their child and expect it to be pronounced a certain way, yet it goes against English pronunciation? Then they actually get angry that you aren't smart enough to realize they are using a non-standard pron...

Is Generation X Raising Generation Rude?

They say kids today are ruder than ever. The question is ... why? Image: BurningQuestion on Flickr.
Gen-Xers are champions of attachment parenting; we're a sling-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding bunch. Heck, we even invented things like unscho...

Do Bad Manners Indicate Developmental Issues or Just Bad Parenting?

Does your pediatrician ever discuss your child's manners with you? My son, who is 21 months, has not been the subject of such a discussion but will be soon. He is nearly two, prime time to really start teaching him some manners; up to now we've been ...

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman

I can't help but love a pregnant woman that is so sick of insensitive things said by strangers that she writes the local newspaper. Seem a bit crazy? Perhaps, but that's exactly what a pregnant Virginia woman did. In the letter addressed to "Dear Ev...


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