Do We Need New Baby Name Etiquette?

What about the people who choose a name for their child and expect it to be pronounced a certain way, yet it goes against English pronunciation? Then they actually get angry that you aren't smart enough to realize they are using a non-standard pron...

Bridezillas, were you one?

Last night I was relaxing with a bit of television therapy when I came across a fabulously horrid show on the WE (Women Entertainment) channel: Bridezilla. It is a show that focuses on how obnoxious some women become as they plan and execute their we...

Manners: How hard is it to say hello to a baby?

One of my favorite Mommy Bloggers posted the other day about a subject that got my knickers in a twist. Beth, of So The Fish Said, often takes her adorable baby, Mia, who is almost one, to the baby pool. And at this pool, Mia enjoys being very social...


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