King of the Junior Jungle

Jonathan Adler Junior is fully of whimsy. Credit: Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler's much-anticipated kids collection has started rolling out in stores with adorable handmade rugs (like Lion, shown), cool graphic wallpapers, and chic miniature...

Modern Design - A Puzzle Rug!

Shopping is literally a guilty pleasure, especially these days, since it's easy to feel seriously guilty doing it. Online "window shopping," on the other hand, is another story. Well, to clarify: Window shopping for myself, not so much fun. Window...

Kids' Decor Goes Multiracial!

Picking out the right bedding and decor for a baby's room can be challenging enough in its own right, before you've even added the challenge of your new bundle of joy. For some, just picking between stars and fairies and safari animals can be a tough...


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