Do School Guards Really Protect Anyone?

It's the night of the dance school recital. The performances are over, a few kids are still on stage, receiving awards. The mom picks up her daughters and is about to head out when the school guard stops them: No parents are allowed to take thei...

'Wife' School - Would You Send Your Daughter?

Make Over Camp for your little Betty Draper. Photo:
We have a handful of etiquette-related rules at our house, like these, for example:
No feet where you eat.
Say please and thank you. When someone gives you a gift, ...

Way Stricter With One Child - How Bad?

In this column each week, an important question is asked, and answered: "Is this 'Bad Parent Behavior'? If so, ah, How Bad?" At the park with a friend last weekend, my son asked if he can have cotton candy. "No," I say. "It's 10am." My son says, ...

No is not a dirty word

It is so much easier to say "yes" -- or is it? Part of being a good parent is setting limits and doling out the discipline, but so often we find ourselves giving permission even when we shouldn't. At least, I do. With a high-energy (and whip-smart...

Girl called racist for wearing Palin T-shirt

Ashleigh Jones got a lot more than she bargained for when she recently donned a "Go, Sarah, Go" T-shirt and wore it to school. The twelve-year-old Florida native was called a racist by her classmates at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Jones had volu...

Teen's hair may stop him from graduating

Around here, almost all the boy have long hair. They carry skateboards under their arms and long, unruly curls peak out from beneath baseball caps and winter hats, if it weren't for the bagginess of their dark-wash jeans and their skate shoes, they c...

Lawmakers say "no" to teacher pay raise but "yes" to their own

Teachers in West Virginia have found themselves quite upset regarding a pay raise. Teachers and public employees have fought for a pay raise, with some waiting at the state capitol to learn if they'd get the money they desired. While they waited, t...

Enforcing a decision, is it more of a punishment for the child or parent?

For the most part, I am a fairly democratic parent. The rules in our house revolve around safety, respect and productivity. The kids don't break the rules very often so there are not too many punishments, and most of those consist of media privileges...


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