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Kimora Lee Simmons Tells Us Why Her Life Is So Fab

Kimora Lee Simmons says life is just fab. Credit: Angela Weiss, Getty
Life is fab for Kimora Lee Simmons.
In addition to running a successful fashion label, the former runway and fashion model is launching a skincare line this sprin...
The mom of three juggles a TV show, fashion lines and charity events.

Divorce pays off for Russell Simmons' kids

Often when a family splits up, the children suffer financially as well as emotionally. I can't speak for the emotional state of Ming Lee and Aoki Simmons, but their parent's divorce sure isn't hurting their little pocketbooks. According to an agreeme...

Which 3 epithets should be banned from rap music?

Last week, Sandy brought us the news that hip-hop industry mogul Russell Simmons -- in response to Don Imus' career-ending racist comments -- had organized a meeting between record executives to discuss "sexist and misogynistic" lyrics in rap music. ...


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