Keen Newport Metallic Sandals

Keen's new metallic sandals come in yellow, lilac and green. Credit: Flip-flops are fine for a trip to the pool, but any parent who has seen their child wipe out in the flimsy footwear on the playground knows a sturdie...We're keen on Keen's shiny new sandals.

Sandals cause skin cancer

Just in time for summer, we've got a new thing to worry about -- skin cancer on your feet, thanks to flip-flops and sandals. Okay, so it's not really anything new or different -- less coverage means more exposure and more exposure can lead to sunburn...

Ditch those Crocs! Cute mom shoes for the park and beyond

I love shoes -- I can't really explain why, but I do. I have a girlfriend who says that women love shoes because no matter how much weight we lose or gain, our shoes always fit, and I suspect that's part of it. Great shoes can completely change your ...

Teen rescued from cliff, flip-flop still in danger

You would think that 18-year-old Kimberly Kiesz has some really nice flip-flops. Nice enough to risk her life for. That's exactly what she did when one of her shoes fell off as she walked with a friend along some cliffs in Paseo del Mar in Palos Verd...

Shoes that would leave Carry Bradshaw drooling

Contains-Hemp and cruelty-free are not usually tags I look for when buying shoes for my kids. It's not that I don't care, because I truly do care about both topics, but I have three kids and at least one of them needs a new pair of shoes every other ...


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