A little bit of snow

We arrived at Lake Tahoe late yesterday afternoon, after an early morning packing frenzy and a long day parked on I-80. I have a very generous friend who graciously lets us stay at his house by the lake, so we've been going up every February for a we...

Chickens, roads, and children

We had been in the car for a while and Jared and Sara had been providing a non-stop litany of knock-knock jokes and reasons why the chicken crossed the road. Now, I'm as big a fan of surrealism in humour as the next guy, but after half an hour of "be...

The best baby names EVAR!

Okay, so we have names for the new kid. Not just any names, though. Simply the best names ever in the history of naming things. Or people. There's no question about it. Oh, you want to know what the names are? Okay. If it's a girl, the name will be S...

They really are paying attention

My mother-in-law watches Jared and Sara two days a week for us while we're working. It's a big help and it's great for the kids too. She really enjoys getting to spend time with the kids as well. The other day, she and Sara had just picked Jared up f...

An honest response

I was in the shower when I heard someone outside the bathroom at the top of the stairs. It sounded like someone playing with the still-in-the-box presents put there to be opened in due time. I looked out (our bathroom has a glass door) and, sure enou...

Which instrument?

Jared has been quite clear as of late that we wants to learn to play the banjo. This is a change from previously when he had his heart set on the bass fiddle. The only thing stopping him at the moment is the high cost of banjos. Sara, however, has no...

I still carry a torch

It was just over a year ago that I started writing for BloggingBaby, the precursor to ParentDish. (I got it in my head that it was the 26th, but it was actually the 21st.) The first story I did was "The night the lights went out at Ikea" and, yes, I ...


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