Puppies Save Boy Lost in Forest

When three-year-old Jaylynn Thorpe wandered away from his babysitter last Friday night, his grandparents (who are also his guardians) were frantic ... with good reason. With winter-like temperatures dipping into the teens, they knew that a helpless c...

Grandpa Sacrifices Self for Granddaughter's Safety

Denver grandfather James Lewin, 65, is being hailed as a hero after putting himself in harm's way and saving his newborn granddaughter. Mr. Lewin and his family, including his daughter and her two children, were out for a walk following a communit...

Choking toddler saved by babysitter's parrot

When two-year-old Hannah started choking on her snack, no one was around to help. No one human, anyway. Hannah's babysitter was in the bathroom, completely unaware, but someone did see that Hannah needed help - the babysitter's pet parrot. The bir...


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