Baby Perfume: Stinks or Sellable?

Perfume -- for the baby? Credit: Dr. Robot, Flickr
We all know that kids can stink. But now a new product, Love, Chic Baby, can help spare your nose from inhaling their noxious scent. Love, Chic Baby is cologne and perfume for babies. The comp...

Perfume for babies?

So this is a little odd. Perhaps I feel that way because it never occurred to me, but have you heard of--or tried--perfume for babies? Not only are there adult perfumes that make us smell like a baby--Demeter fragrance is one of many who carry suc...

Sarah Jessica Parker likes the smell of her son

Sarah Jessica Parker no doubt has a vanity loaded with expensive perfumes, including her own Lovely . And she may be a glamorous celebrity, but if you ask her what her favorite scent is these days, she sounds just like a mom. "Not to sound treacly, b...


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