Tweet Your Way to a Full MBA Scholarship at the University of Iowa

Credit: Oli Scarff, Getty Images
Remember trying to write your college essays and struggling to come up with 800 words to show the admissions boards how amazing you were? Think you could have done it in 140 characters or less?
Quick! Apply to this MBA program in 140 characters or less.

House: $600m for math/science teachers

Last week, representatives in the house overwhelmingly passed a bill that would provide 600 million dollars in scholarships and stipends for those studying math and science on their way to becoming teachers. Such students who commit to teaching eleme...

University offers scholarship -- for playing video games

There are plenty of scholarships available for kids who study hard, do their schoolwork, and get good grades, but what about the hard working slackers? You know, the ones who sleep during class so they can stay up all night playing video games? Don't...

Too much pressure causing kids to quit sports

Thanks to excessive pressure from parents and coaches, seventy percent of children have quit team sports by the age of 13. Why? According to experts, it is the "professionalization" of athletics, where having fun is placed of lower importance than be...


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