Colleges Offering Scholarships for LGBT Students

Some colleges are offering LGBT students scholarships. Credit: Getty Looking for a college experience that will embrace your lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender child? Some schools are making it known that they accept diversity -- an...Colleges are showing they respect diversity by offering LGBT students scholarships.

Saving for College? Plan Ahead

Paying for college requires some serious financial planning. Credit: cbowns, Flickr
Even if you save for years, it probably won't be enough to put your child though college. A survey from Fidelity Investments found that 63 percent of parents w...

Worried About Paying for Summer Camp? Apply for a 'Campership'

Summer camp doesn't have to be out of reach. Credit: Courtesy American Camp Association
If you've been hit by the recession and think you can't afford to send your kids to summer camp this year, talk to the camp director. You may qualify for a "...

When weight-loss camp is too expensive

Being overweight is tough for a kid. There are many options toward weight loss, but some are more (or less) appealing than others. For many, over the years, the weight-loss camp has been a dream. But, while "fat camp" is almost as American as apple ...

Beauty pageant winners can't collect the cash

Despite how inane and ridiculous beauty pageants might seem, there are some benefits for the young women involved. Namely, that, in the event you're successful, you can win lots of money for college. In fact, some states offer tens of thousands of do...

House: $600m for math/science teachers

Last week, representatives in the house overwhelmingly passed a bill that would provide 600 million dollars in scholarships and stipends for those studying math and science on their way to becoming teachers. Such students who commit to teaching eleme...

Last minute college scholarships for Fall

For those of you with children heading off to college in the fall, this is already a stressful time of year. All of that end-of-high-school mayhem (prom, graduation, dozens of annoying graduation parties) can really fill up a schedule, and before you...

Are youth pageants a prodcutive road to stardom?

The youth beauty pageant industry is a booming one. All over the Untied States mothers routinely scrub the dirt from underneath their little girl's fingernails, dress them in a cute, frilly outfit and have them sing, dance and act in front of a panel...

Miami teen killed over tricked out car argument

Honors high school student Jeffrey Jarnell Johnson Jr., 17 would have graduated summa cum laude this Thursday from Miami Carol City High School. But tragically a fight over his new car, a graduation gift from his father, turned vicious and left Johns...


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