Are Educational Toys Just Commercial Products In Disguise?

The Scholastic Book Fair has stood the test of time. Just about every school has one -- not to mention those monthly Scholastic Book Club brochures you find crumpled in your child's backpack. Some things have changed, though. Over the past year there...

Obama Action Figure Outselling Elmo!

Hard to believe, folks, and yet it is true. Not only do we have a truly historical election and to-be presidency on our hands, but we also have a toy that has at last broken the final frontier of consumerism--outselling Elmo! For those of you unawar...

Obama wins Scholastic Kids Election poll

Every four years since 1940, Scholastic Magazine has asked young readers to pick the next president. In all but two of those 'elections', the kids have chosen the candidate who went on to win the presidency (they failed to predict Harry Truman in 194...

Scholastic expels Bratz

We love book order day at our house. Because we're heavy library users, and because we already have a large book collection, we rarely spend money on books. But my kids love to flip through the flimsy pages, oohing and ahhing over the offerings, and ...

Goosebumps coming to the big screen

Since 1992, author R. L. Stine has been scaring the pants off young readers with his Goosebumps books. The science fiction/horror series for the under-twelve set has inspired several board games, PC games and even a television series. Having already ...

Choosing a good kid's magazine

About 2 years ago, my mother-in-law bought Ellie a subscription to Highlights Magazine. This is the same magazine I read as a child and it hasn't changed much. Ellie loves looking at the crazy covers and reading the stories, but her excitement at rec...

Are children learning pro-war sentiment in school?

Normally I stay very far away from politics in my Blogging Baby posts, but I found this editorial too fascinating to pass up. I've never really thought about where our school teachers get their material from, but I guess it's something I should consi...


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