Do You Pull Your Child Out of School for Family Vacations?

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Do you pull your child out of school for family vacations?
The Kansas City Star reports on a recent Travel Industry of America poll that found 16 million parents "let children miss school to gain travel experien...
Family vacations are great. But school is important. Do you let your child skip school for vacations?

Parents Say Student's Peanut Allergy Hazardous to Their Kids

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They may look innocuous, but these peanuts could be life-threatening for someone with a severe allergy. Credit: Getty If your child suffers from a peanut allergy, you know just how diligent you n...
School's hand-washing policy has parents up in arms.

What Would You Do if Your Child's School Closed for Good?

Education is under fire in many states. Credit: Peter Prengaman, AP Imagine you send your child to the public school in your neighborhood. You're happy. They're happy. Even if everyone isn't in a state of constant bliss, at least you k...With budgets being slashed across the nation, even education is on the chopping block.

Should Schools Be Teaching Creationism?

An apple for the teacher, or Eve? Credit: Getty Images Evolution. Creationism. Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, these are not typically thought of as two great tastes that taste great together. (You also don't eat them, but you know...Thirteen percent of bio teachers "explicitly advocate creationism," using "at least an hour of class time presenting it in a positive light."

How to Prepare for Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

Help make parent-teacher conference constructive. Credit: Getty Images We all think our child is the most charming, brilliant, adorable, insert your preferred adjective here. So it's not very ...We know you think your little angel is perfect, but if you try to see things from his teacher's perspective, it will make the oft-dreaded parent-teacher meetings much more constructive.

What Would You Do if Your Child Was Suspended for Not Being Potty Trained?

Start working on potty training if you don't want your kid to get suspended. Credit: Getty Images A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was -- no joke -- suspended from Arlington Public Schools' ...A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was suspended from Arlington Public Schools' Montessori preschool for not being potty trained.

Would You Want the 10 Commandments Displayed at Your Child's School?

Thou shalt not display at school? Credit: Rob Sheridan, Flickr The Giles County School Board in Virginia recently voted to display the 10 Commandments at area schools. Many parents complained, and the displays were removed. Then some s...Is it wrong to display the 10 Commandments, a religious document, at a public school?

Mother of 13-Year-Old Who Committed Suicide Urges Schools to Prevent Bullying

After years of enduring anti-gay harassment at school, Seth Walsh, 13, hanged himself from a plum tree in his family's back yard. For years, Seth's mother, Wendy Walsh, tried to get Tehachapi, Calif., school district officials to do something ...A mother reads her son's suicide note and describes the unbearable harassment at school that contributed to his death.

What Are The Kids Doing During Holiday Vacation?

Are you prepared for holiday break? Credit: Getty Images
We've been talking a lot about the holidays here on ParentDish. One little discussed aspect of this festive season is the fact that the children get time off from school. A lot of time. ...
'Tis the season ... for your kids to be home from school.

Is Your Child's School Asking For Too Much Of Your Time?

Are you giving so much of your time that you don't have any left for yourself? Credit: Getty Images
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no. In this tough economy, there is an i...
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no.

High School Opts to Drop Fs From Transcripts, Some Say That's a Serious Fail

Should kids be given the chance to master course work instead of failing outright? Credit: Corbis
You may not like to see your children fail, but would you go so far to protect them as to eliminate the word "fail" from their vocabularies? Esse...
A new policy says it's OK to flunk that test, as long as you pass it at some point.

Opinion: Failing Teachers Should Get the Boot, Kids Come First

In public school systems, do kids come first? Credit: Getty Images
I went to see "Waiting for 'Superman'" recently, then tuned in for a virtual town hall meeting moderated by Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, and featuring the film's...
My biggest fear was -- and still is -- very real: Of all in-school factors that affect student achievement, effective teachers and principals account for nearly 60 percent of a student's ability to succeed, according to "Waiting for Superman."

Is it OK for Teachers and Students to Be Facebook Friends?

Should teachers and students be friends on Facebook? Credit: Chris Jackson, Getty Images
At least three New York City area teachers have been fired in the last six months for "inappropriate" conduct with students on Facebook, including one who le...

Opinion: Sometimes, It's OK to Let Your Kid Be Bullied

Resist the urge to intervene in all of your child's struggles. Credit: Getty Images
When my daughter started a full-day pre-kindergarten program last fall, it never occurred to me that she would be bullied, but that's exactly what happened. Th...
This mom is teaching her kids the age old lesson: what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

Schools Are Doing Less Nitpicking Over Head Lice

Hey, parents -- your child with lice doesn't have to stay home! Um, sorry, teachers. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
We all dread that phone call from school -- you know, the one telling you your kid's hair is infested wit...
Case of head lice? Stop itching and get back to school!


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