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'Footloose' for Real: Nova Scotia High School Bans Dances

Even the hero of "Footloose" might not be able to get school officials at Sydney Academy to kick off their Sunday shoes. Credit: Amazon
A small-town high school has banned dances?
This looks like a job for ... Kevin Bacon! Quick! Ca...
Drunk and rowdy students apparently a little too "footloose."

Schools: Would You Grind On The Dance If Grandma Were Watching?

It's difficult to grind to Burt Bacharach -- or at least one West Hollywood high school hopes so. A recent threat by Pacific Hills School to turn up the lights and play Bacharach's music is just one indication that adults are fed up with sugges...

Junior high dance evolution

Do you remember your first school dance? The sweaty palms, stomach flutters, and hope that your super-top secret crush might say hello or even (ACK!) dance with you wasn't just a rite of passage, it helped prepare you for the social interactions with...


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