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Big Brother is Watching You Snarf Those Fries During School Lunch

Big brother is watching you eat lunch. Credit: Getty Images
Big Brother is watching you. And he's saying, "Whoa, fat boy! Lay off the barbecue chips!"
In an effort to raise a new generation of crazy Texans who wear tinfoil hats and ...
Watch what you eat, kids. Those surveillance cameras certainly are.

Is Your Child Getting a Healthy School Lunch?

Is your child eating a healthy lunch? Credit: AP, Paul Sakuma President Barack Obama recently signed a bill designed to make school lunches healthier. First Lady Michelle Obama, who has campaigned against childhood obesity, praised t...

Obama: Nutrition Bill Vital to Children's Future

President Barack Obama, center, with first lady Michelle Obama, right, applaud after the president signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, during a ceremony at Harriet Tubman Elementary School in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of ...Thousands more children would eat lunches and dinners at school and all school food would become more nutritious under a bill President Barack Obama signed into law Monday.

Vending Machines at School Impact Students' Nutrition, Study Says

Selections in school vending machines have a direct impact on whether a student's daily food intake is balanced, a new study shows. Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP / Getty Images
The saying "you are what you eat" may need to be changed to "you are ...
Today's school lunch? How about chips, soda, a candy bar and maybe some cookies? Just hit the vending machine.

House to Vote on Bill to Improve School Lunches

First-grader Kiarra Baker chooses her lunch from the new salad bar during the C.H. Robinson and United Fresh Foundation "A Salad Bar In Every School" event at Community of Peace Academy in St. Paul, Minn., on Oct. 19, 2010. Credit: Craig ...Congress is poised to give President Barack Obama — along with his wife, Michelle — a congressional victory as the House takes up legislation to push greasy foods off the school lunch line and sugary drinks out of vending machines.

With 15 Minute Lunch Periods, Iowa Kids Experience Really Fast Food

Got milk? Better be able to down it fast. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Slow down. Chew your food. There is no need to inhale those chicken nuggets. You have ... 15 minutes?! Change of plans. Commence snarfing. Children at elementar...
Forget chewing your food, kids. You only have 15 minutes.

Feds Consider Limiting Potatoes Offered to Kids

Kindergartner Joella Hein waits for tater tots to be served in the school lunch line at Naches Valley Primary School in Gleed, Wash. Potato growers are worried that potatoes could be limited in the federal school lunch program. Credit: Shannon Din...Potato growers are fighting back against efforts to ban or limit potatoes in federal child nutrition programs, arguing the tuber is loaded with potassium and vitamin C and shouldn't be considered junk food.

Goodbye Junk Food? School Study Finds Teaching Good Nutrition Can Change Kids' Food Choices

Not every bite-size, crunchy snack is loaded with fat and calories. Credit: Getty Images
Who knew if you offered a kid broccoli and apple sticks, they'd grow to prefer them over Pop-Tarts and mac and cheese? A group of researchers at UC Berk...
Sounds shocking, but this study found if you teach kids about good nutrition, they'll actually want to eat their veggies. Dig in!

Holy Cow! Florida May Ban Chocolate Milk From Schools

Chocolate moo juice may be off the menu in Florida schools. Credit: Getty Images
Forget the mystery meat and excessive quantities of ranch dressing. There's a new villain emerging in your child's cafeteria: Chocolate milk. A recent move by F...
A recent move by Florida educators to ban chocolate milk from its lunch menus is certain to cause ripples in lunchrooms across the country, reigniting The Great Chocolate Milk Debate.

Piece Together Lunch With Sandwich Cutters

Piece together the perfect lunch for your kids. Credit: The Spoon Sisters
If you're already puzzled over how to make those packed lunches more exciting for your kids, we've got the perfect solution. Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters split s...
Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters split sandwiches into interlocking puzzle pieces that your kids will want to eat.

Federal School Lunches Linked to Obesity

New research shows that kids who eat breakfast actually weigh less. Credit: Corbis
You should listen when your mom tells you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- especially if you don't want your kids to be overweight. Scien...

Chefs Declare Assault on Chicken Nuggets and Other School Lunches

America's public schools have problems, but they're really in for it now. They just wiped the smile off Rachael Ray's face. This could mean war. Events turned dangerously un-perky this week as the celebrity chef joined forces with her culinar...

New Lunch-Box Recipe Ideas

Dear Karla, As the school season is coming to an end soon, so are my ideas on lunches. I think my kids are officially sandwiched out as I was never given the 'creative bug' in the food department. Can you provide me with some lunch ideas I can pac...

Earth Day: Everyday Activities for Kids

Earth Day comes only once a year, but in our neighbourhood many families are making small changes to honour the Earth every day. If your family is looking for inspiration and practical ideas to bring Earth Day home, every day, look no further than ...

Lunchboxes Need a Healthy Makeover, Study Shows

Kids' lunches could use a boost if nutrition. Credit: sherimiya ♥, Flickr School lunches are under attack again. But it's not what's being served in the cafeteria that's drawing fire, but what they are bringing from home. A recent stud...


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