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Ohio Parents Frantic After Phone Notification Mishap

Those automated phone notifications can be a great way for schools to convey information to parents -- until they aren't. Parents at a Reynoldsburgh, Ohio middle school found that out the hard way. A staff member learning how the system worked ...A school accidently notified all 5th and 6th grade parents that their kids were absent one day. Too bad they didn't have an automated "oops" to send out as the frantic parents were all calling back at the same time.

Indiana school bans purses in the classroom

In an effort to keep kids as safe as possible, many schools have banned backpacks in the classroom, forcing students to keep them in their lockers instead. But an Indiana high school is taking that idea one step further, telling female students that ...

Woman kidnaps first grader to prove it can be done

(Top 10 Shocking Parenting Screw-ups) Laurinda Drake claims that all she wanted to do was prove to school officials that kidnapping a child from Jo Mackey Elementary would be a piece of cake. Apparently, it was a piece of cake, but authorities did...

Back to school shouldn't mean back to bullying

School should be a safe place, one where kids can concentrate on learning, not on staying alive. Sadly, however, that's not always the case. "If you're afraid you're going to get beat up after school, it's hard to concentrate when you're in algebra c...

Girl suspended for bringing rocks to school

If you've been reading ParentDish for long, then you know that kids are finding new and exciting ways to get themselves suspended from school all the time. Taking calls from parents stationed in Iraq, smelling their own shirt, and sporting a trendy h...

School lockdown

When I asked my kindergartner how his day went, I was expecting to hear the latest recess escapade, what he had for lunch and who he sat next to during story time. I wasn't ready for, "Today we had a wok-down!" A "wok-down" (pronounced "lockdown" by...

CPSC: The ABC's of avoiding injuries

It's that time of year again. School supplies have been purchased, new school clothes are hanging in the closet and everything is ready for the return to school. It's been a long, happy summer and even with all the crazy outdoor play, I am happy to r...

Students protest see-through back packs

Of all the legitimate reasons today's youth has to be really angry about what is going on in the world, it seems to me that being forced to carry a see-through book bag should rate pretty low. But for some students, this infringement upon their 'righ...


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