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Student Sues School District, Claiming Her Race Kept Her From Being Sole Valedictorian

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Did an Arkansas school deny Kymberly Wimberly from serving as sole valedictorian because she is black?
Her rhyming name may sound a bit silly, but Wimberly, 18, is serious in her lawsuit against McGehee School D...
Lawsuit says black student was co-valedictorian even though she had highest GPA in the class.

Parents Sue School District After Their 13-Year-Old's Suicide Following Sexting Bullying

A Florida school district is being sued by the parents of an eighth grade student who committed suicide in 2009, after being harassed by classmates due to a sexting incident, Reuters reports. The news service says Donna and Charles Witsell cla...Parents of an eighth grader who committed suicide is now suing the school district.

School sued for church graduation ceremony

Yet another school is being sued for mixing public school and religion. West Side High School in New Jersey held their graduation ceremonies in a Baptist church, and now they're being sued by the ACLU. The civil liberties organization say the decisio...


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