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School Uniforms for the Day Care Set a Growing Trend

At what age should kids start wearing school uniforms? Credit: Getty
Note to parents: Add khaki pull-ups, polo shirts and navy skorts to the boxes of tissues, paint smocks and juice boxes on your toddler's school supply checklist.
Do toddlers need to wear school uniforms at preschool? Some are saying yes.

British Retailer Offers Clothes for the Horizontally-Challenged Child

Perhaps you're familiar with the French cookies known as Le Petit Ecolier (translation: The Little Schoolboy). Across the channel in Great Britain, the name might have to be changed to Le Grande Ecolier. A number of schoolboys have apparently ma...

ParentDish's Top 10 School Uniform Moments in Pop Culture

School uniforms get a boost from pop culture. Credit: Getty
Is the school uniform becoming the latest tween and teen fashion trend? You bet your plaid shirt and navy blazer. At least that's the word from French Toast, a supplier of school unif...

Update: Dress Code Sends Irate Parents To School Board

Hundreds of parents hurled everything from chants to legal threats at the Richmond School Board in Indiana Wednesday over a revised dress code they say suspends students for wearing so much as stripes or floral prints. Kindergarten and first-grade s...

Dreading school shopping? Try uniforms!

With the start of the school year rapidly approaching, many parents are dreading the annual ritual of school clothes shopping. First, they'll spend hours scouring the Internet and newspaper for sales and deals to fit their shrinking budgets. Then th...

Students wear Hitler youth buttons, claim free speech

Students at a New Jersey middle school have been wearing Hitler youth buttons in protest of mandatory school uniforms. After being threatened with suspension, the boys stopped wearing the buttons, but their parents have filed a lawsuit against the sc...

Public school uniforms: A good idea?

A controversial vote recently failed to pass muster among parents whose kids attend Mariner Middle School in Cape Coral, Florida. The proposal? School uniforms. The second vote on the issue faced an uphill battle, and fell short of the 80 percent ap...


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