What's for lunch?

In less than a week, Jared will start kindergarten. When he was in preschool, snack was provided (by a different parent each day) and he had lunch either before or after school. Now, however, he'll be in school for most of the day and will not only n...

Junk food black market run by kids

Students in Scotland are running a junk food black market in order to get around the healthy meals offered by schools. The head of Glascow's school meals service said that students are smuggling sodas (fizzy drinks), sweets and other junk food onto ...

Imitation Fries hit the menu in Arizona schools

French fries are too greasy. Freedom fries have the same problem on top of being rather idiotic. Now there are fake fries. Arizona schools, faced with a strict law banning junk food and soda during the school day, have come up with a lower-calorie, b...

School restaurant

An elementary school in England has a very unique lunch program. St. Mary's Primary School has opened it's lunch program to about six area senior citizen's who eat lunch with the children each day. The food is exceptionally good, one student's father...

Vegan lunchboxes have me drooling, and prematurely guilty

How about black bean tamales, mild salsa, mango slices, calabacita with corn in marjarom dressing. Or maybe chestnut soup, brussels sprouts, a clementine mandarin, and gingerbread vegan cookies. Try spelt biscuits, seitan gravy, peas and corn, clemen...


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