Kansas City Plan Suggests Closing Half of the District's Schools

Nationwide, cash-strapped schools are researching all sorts of plans to improve finances. One Missouri school district is trying to improve its fiscal outlook with a major reorganization that even involves plans to sell off the district's office bu...

North Carolina School Board to Vote on Removing Busing Policy

To bus or not to bus is the question North Carolina's largest school district faces, as the school board considers whether to continue busing children to achieve economically diverse classrooms, or to move the district's 140,000 students into schoo...

Washington Judge Tells State to Provide More School Funding

Parents of Washington state students might not need to have as many bake sales to help pay for their kids' education.
An alliance of more than 70 organizations, including several school districts and the "state's largest teachers union," br...

Superintendent to Teachers: You're All Fired!

A Rhode Island school superintendent fed up with a failing school in her district plans to take drastic action and is threatening to fire the entire teaching staff there. Central Falls School Superintendent Frances Gallo asked members of the t...

British School Bans Valentine's Day Cards

Aryan Takyar, 5, is a student at a U.K. school that banned Valentine's cards. Credit: Noah Goodrich, Caters News / ZUMA Press
Don't expect to see Cupid's arrows flying at one U.K. school: This year, Valentine's Day cards are a big no-no. Pet...

School Secretary Says She Was Fired for Speaking Spanish

A school employee in North Carolina claims she was fired because she continued to speak Spanish to Latino parents after a school administrator banned her from doing so. Ana Ligia Mateo was hired as a bilingual secretary at Devonshire Elementary ...

More States Requiring 'Green' Cleaning Products in Schools

More schools are going green when it comes to cleaning products. Credit: Robert S. Donovan, Flickr
In an era where the "3 Rs" have now come to stand for "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle," an increasing number of states are requiring schools and governm...

Should Districts Get a Cut When Teachers Sell Lesson Plans Online?

The growing online market for lesson plans has school districts asking if the trend is ethical -- and whether or not the schools deserve a cut of the profits. Thousands of teachers are turning to online auction sites, such as TeachersPayTeachers...

Kids Can Browse Porn in App Store Thanks to Tech Glitch

A flaw in parental control software is allowing kids to search for and view pornographic materials in Apple's App Store. The new operating system for Apple's wildly popular iPhones provides parents with beefed-up controls over what apps their ch...

Your Sleep-Deprived Teen Could Be At Risk For Depression

It's no secret that teenagers like to stay up late. In households across Canada this very night, there will no doubt be arguments over when the lights (and the computer, the TV, the iPod and the phone) should get turned off. But according to a rece...

South Dakota Middle Schools Pull Graphic Novel

Credit: Amazon
A school board in South Dakota voted to pull a graphic novel targeted at middle-schoolers from its library shelves, giving teachers access to the book but not students.
Students at two Sioux Falls, S.D. middle schools will no ...

Teachers Using Cell Phones As Educational Tool

Students once banned from using their cell phones in class are now being asked to use them for school work. Credit: khedara, Flickr.
Teachers who once viewed cell phones as their natural enemy are now embracing them as a technological tool that c...

School to Slaughter Pet Lamb, Sell Meat

A British school plans to slaughter a lamb living there and sell the meat for money. Credit: Getty Images
Mary had a little lamb -- and slaughtered that lamb at school? Break out your "Meat is Murder" T-shirts, folks -- a school in England ...

Mom Picks Up Daughter On Horse, School Balks

A Florida mom rode her horse to school to pick up her daughter. Credit:
A Florida mom tried to rein in a new school-dismissal policy -- literally. A new parking policy at Crystal Springs Elementary School in Jacksonville, Fla....

After-School Program Cancellations Pose Problems for Parents

When after-care closes, parents are left scrambling. Credit: wireful, Flickr
The back-to-school season is a joy for working parents. But many are facing the nightmare of cancelled after-school child care. This has led to a boom market for b...


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