Children of Immigrants Have Way More Science Skills Than Kids With American-Born Parents

Great in science? Are you parents immigrants? Credit: Getty
Don't believe a lot of what you hear about America falling behind in science education.
Many American students are brilliant in science. What's more, they are hard-working,...
Immigrant kids put American-born classmates to shame in scientific competition.

Should Schools Be Teaching Creationism?

An apple for the teacher, or Eve? Credit: Getty Images Evolution. Creationism. Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, these are not typically thought of as two great tastes that taste great together. (You also don't eat them, but you know...Thirteen percent of bio teachers "explicitly advocate creationism," using "at least an hour of class time presenting it in a positive light."

Crystal-Growing Trees

Snow day? Grow some "snow" crystals inside. Credit: You've watched every episode of "iCarly." You've played every board game in the house. Twice. It's freezing and snowy outside, and the kids are bouncing off the wall...Create crystals on these tiny cardboard trees.

British Kids Youngest Ever to Publish Scientific Study in UK Journal

I Scientist film from Storymakers TV on Vimeo.
If your fourth grader hasn't yet been published in a major scientific journal, sorry, but she's just been bested by a group of kids in the United Kingdom. Twenty-five kids between the ages of 8 a...
Really young scientists have their work published in a prestigious British journal.

Help Kids Learn by Turning Science Into Magic

I'll confess this without blushing: I'm an artsy mom. Ask me what a poem means and I'm like a dog with a bone. But when it comes to answering those big, science-related questions that all kids ask - Why is the moon out during the day? Why do dogs lik...

New Study: Parents Stink

Another day, another article on how we parents can screw up our kids with our very best intentions. I'm getting sick of these things. Right now, a bunch of people are sending me this piece from the New Scientist because they think I'll love i...

A Baby Can Have Three Biological Parents, Research Shows

As science continues to advance, our ideas and values related to pregnancy and parenthood continue to be challenged. Should we test for birth defects? Would you control the sex of your baby if you could? Does a surrogate mother have no rights to t...

The Smile, A Predictor of Marriage Success, Study Shows

A child who smiles in his class picture is more likely to have a happy marriage. Credit: PictureQuest
Say cheese! Kids with big smiles on class-picture day are more likely to have a happy and successful marriage. A DePauw University stud...

Dogs and Toddlers Understand Gestures at Same Level

Dogs are just as smart as two-year-olds sometimes, according to a recent study. Photo: jupiterimages
It turns out that dogs are more like our children than we realize. Two studies have found that man's best friend possesses a two-year-old child's...

Teen Diagnoses Her Own Disease in Science Class

Teen Jessica Terry diagnosed her own disease. Photo:
Sick and tired of being sick and tired, 18-year-old Sammamish, Washington student Jessica Terry took matters -- and slides of her own intestinal tissue -- into her own hands. The t...

Does Your Stroller Face Forward or Back?

Breast or bottle? Plastic or wooden toys? So many decisions. Now we can add a new one to the list: Forward- vs. toward-facing strollers. New research suggests that children who use strollers that face the person pushing them interact and laugh wit...

Good Science, Bad Parenting

The experiment took place inside the home of M.I.T. scientist Deb Roy. Eleven video cameras and 14 microphones were placed in ceilings throughout in order to document the first three years of his son's life and language development. It's officially n...

Acupuncture and Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It can also be a pain in the--well, it can be a pain in a lot of places. Those of us who've tackled the trail more than once can attest to back problems, leg problems, headaches and swelling places we d...

Decapitated Boy Fully Recovers! (Almost)

No, this is not a headline from the Weekly World News. I heard they went out of business, but, whether or not they're still around they would love a headline like this. Scarily enough, a child was decapitated but, thanks to the miracle of science, et...

Baby Born From Transplanted Ovary

I hate to say it's a miracle, but by heavens, IT'S A MIRACLE! Well, actually, it's science. A baby girl has been born after a twin donated an ovary to her sister, who was infertile. According to reports, this is the first time the ovary transplant l...


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