Dogs and Toddlers Understand Gestures at Same Level

Dogs are just as smart as two-year-olds sometimes, according to a recent study. Photo: jupiterimages
It turns out that dogs are more like our children than we realize. Two studies have found that man's best friend possesses a two-year-old child's...

Fertility goes Brave New World

Ever read the book Brave New World? In Aldous Huxley's science fiction masterpiece most people stop having babies the old fashioned way; instead humans are the product of test tubes, petri dishes and the like. With the advent of that seventy-year-o...

Pregnancy fact or fiction: making baby

Based on my own personal experience, I've decided that getting pregnant is more of an art than a science. Those who've spent some quality time getting pregnant, and perhaps even those who got pregnant after only one attempt (and I find myself in bot...

The advent of non-stick gum

Darn! Those punk kids from the middle school across the street from my old apartment will be SO BUMMED! Their favorite past time was spitting their used (see: no longer sugar-packed) chewing gum all over the sidewalk in front of the school, the del...

Giant, cuddly microbes

There is almost always something out there to tickle just about every type of fancy. Cuddly, stuffed Giant Microbe dolls are no exception to this line of thought. Perhaps you are a scientist or maybe you have a young, budding researcher in your midst...


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