Baby Books: DIY Project for Older Siblings

Involve older siblings in projects to welcome the new baby. Credit: Getty
One of the of the most original ways to welcome a new addition into the family is with a hand-crafted baby book. Stuffed animals and cute baby clothes are nice, but bab...

What Do You Do With Holiday Cards?

There's nothing I love more than getting holiday cards--they're like getting a surprise in the mail nearly every day of the two weeks preceding Christmas. I decorate my bookshelves with them and, frankly, use them to update my master mailing list a...

The way we were

In preparation for our big move to New York, I have been cleaning out my closets. This Saturday, I spent all day sitting cross-legged on my bed, sorting through bins of paper. The bins have been stored on the top shelf of a closet since we moved into...

Man finds baby book on ebay

Bill Mack's mother did what many mothers before her and many mothers since have done, back in February, 1941. She put together a baby book. She put congratulatory cards, hospital receipts, a list of birth gifts, and birth announcements from the local...

Apple iPhoto photo books: quick and easy to make

With a couple of special occassions coming up, I decided to finally try out the "make a book" option bundled with my iPhoto application. Users have the option of choosing hard- or soft-bound books using one of several themes. You can arrang...

Telling your own story -- how do you do it?

When I was dating my husband Marcus, I remember him one day pulling out a beautiful old photo album that he had -- I believe it was created by one of his uncles.  In it, there were some fantastic black and white photos -- some of them personal s...

Family activity yearbook spices up your year together

Since we're on the topic of scrapbooking, how about a version that looks forward, rather than looking back? I've fallen in love with Angry Chicken's lovely 2006 Family Activity Book idea. As she describes her beautiful concept, it's kind of an anti-...

Scrapbooking 101, courtesy Martha Stewart

So I've been talking a lot about baby books and adoption life books lately, and I promised myself that on this trip to the United States, I was going to make a point to visit an art supply store to get started on my daughter Alex's life book.  W...

Baby Books: does anyone still do this?

Prior to joining Blogging Baby, I did an interview with Stefania Butler where I said that "Mommy/Daddy Blogging was the new baby book."  Recently, I attended a baby shower where the guest of honor received a baby book as a gift -- and ...


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