second trimester 

Linea negra

Pop Sugar recently polled readers about getting linea negra, the condition many pregnant women get wherein a dark , vertical line appears on their swollen baby bellies from their pubic area up to their belly buttons (and sometimes beyond). I woul...

Second Pregnancy- is it Different from the First?

Ok, now I know I'm only like ten minutes pregnant, but I swear I can already feel a HUGE difference between my first pregnancy and this one. I'm wondering if that's normal--that a lot of second pregnancies are dramatically different from the first...

Hormones After Pregnancy: What's the Norm?

What is it with these pregnancy hormones? I haven't been pregnant for over three months, yet there they are, still lurking in my system, ready to pop up unannounced and unexpected when I least want them to. Like at job interviews or when I am trying...

Pregnancy and postpartum cravings

Have you noticed the things labeled as 'pregnancy' symptoms have stuck with you after you've had the baby? I'm referring to things like appetite, sleep patterns and food cravings. Although my appetite did fluctuate, my sleep patterns never really c...

Iron Supplements and Pregnancy

You know, every time I go the OBGYN for a checkup, which lately seems to be nearly every other week, they seem to be recommending that I get some shot or take some supplement or do some other thing I wouldn't normally do. I am not in the habit of t...

Pregnancy and spotting: bother your doctor-- please!

Last week, I was talking to a friend of mine who is 15 weeks pregnant. She has been having some spotting. She said she had emailed her doctor who didn't think it was too much of a problem at first. But the spotting was persisting, and had been there ...


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