second grade 

Cursive Writing a Thing of the Past?

Ever since she learned to hold a pencil, Ellie has been fascinated by cursive writing. She loves the loops and curves of script writing and works hard at perfecting the art. In the past, all of this writing practice has been done at home because it w...

Transgenderism and school

As noted in the article referenced here, collective understanding has it that people tend to play with gender roles, figure out who they really are and test the boundaries of societal norms when they hit high school, or college. In Colorado, howeve...

Skipping a grade in school

In my state, a child must be five years old on September 1st in order to enroll in kindergarten. Ellie missed that date by three weeks, meaning she couldn't officially start kindergarten until she was almost six years old. Instead, she attended a pri...

Summer reading activities online: Dinosaurs

Summer always means summer reading programs. Our local library offers a program that awards small prizes for every three hours of logged reading time for participating kids. But there are also site available online that offer fun reading and reading ...

Second grade: getting sucked back into the classroom

This morning, I let the answering machine pick up the phone. It was the special ed teacher who works with my youngest son in his classroom. Tommy is not in special ed, but this teacher knows me because last year she worked with my middle son, who has...


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