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Secondhand Smoke at Home Increases Risk of ADHD in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: Laurent Fievet, AFP/Getty Images
If you're still smoking, here's yet another reason to quit: Exposing kids to secondhand smoke at home puts them at a 50 percent greater risk of developing ADHD or other behavioral disorders.
You may be putting your kid at risk of developing ADHD if you smoke at home.

Parents Quit Smoking (For Awhile) When Kids Have Surgery

Kicking the habit is hard, even when you're doing it for kids. Credit:Noel Celis, Getty Images Parents who smoke are more likely to quit if their child goes through surgery, a study shows. They worry about the effect secondhand smoke w...Kicking the habit is hard, even when you're doing it for kids.

Secondhand Smoke Can Lead to ADHD, Study Shows

Watch a video on how to diagnose ADHD in kids.
Here's one more reason to stop smoking. Credit: AP Here's another reason for moms-to-be to quit smoking and order others to keep their cigs out of their homes: Secondhand smoke could boo...
Kids of mothers who breathed in secondhand smoke while they were pregnant experienced serious side effects.

Controversial Anti-Smoking Ad Targets Parents

Health officials in New York City want parents to quit smoking, so they're trying something novel: Terrorizing small children. In a new television ad, a 3-year-old boy walks with his mother in a busy train station. Suddenly, she disappears. The boy's...

California jumps on ban-wagon re smoking in cars

"Who is the state to tell you how you can and cannot raise your children?" That's the question Robert Best, state coordinator of the Smoker's Club Inc., a smokers' rights group, asks. Sure, if my kid comes home with anything less than an A on his rep...

Second hand smoke and babies?

Researchers at UC Davis recently described in unprecedented biochemical and anatomical detail how cigarette smoke damages the lungs of unborn and newborn children. The results of the study illustrate with the dangers that smokers' families and friend...


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