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Secret Agent Josephine's ANTI-Valentines

Are you sick of reading about Valentine's Day this and Valentine's Day that? Do you think Valentine's Day is for mushy losers? Have you just HAD IT with the love talk? Well, these Anti-Valentines created by Secret Agent Josephine are exactly what you...

Baby Bug Flash Cards are here!

Late last summer, Secret Agent Josephine made her absolutely darling Baby Bug Flash Cards available for download through her Flick Account. If you haven't had the chance to see them, you really should take a look. Not only are they perfect for teachi...

Yet another case of stolen images

On the heels of J.D. Griffieon's discovery of stolen images followed by the Orkut controversy, it seems another popular blogger has become a victim of image theft. Brenda Ponnay has delighted her readers for years at her personal website, Secret Agen...

SAJ's playdate cards

Secret Agent Josephine is my mentor for crafty motherhood. I mean mentor in the hypothetical, aspirational sense - because certainly I could never build a mermaid outfit or throw the jaw-dropping baby shower theme parties she does. But I can help sha...

Recovering from birth: the tale of the neglectful nurses

We're not blaming anyone, really, but it kind of sucks. It struck me in Secret Agent Josephine's very long and emotional birth story post. She writes of her third day in the hospital that "I began to feel a little bit neglected. The care at the ...

Secret Agent Josephine, a.k.a. Brenda, in labor

One minute I'm raving over her ultra-cute belly, the next minute, she's in labor! Brenda from Secret Agent Josephine is in labor and dilated 1 cm as of 6 p.m. (Pacific) tonight... her water broke early this morning and she's been admitted to the...

Cute belly slide show will have you longing to be pregnant

Secret Agent Josephine is waiting, and waiting, and waiting to give birth. I can relate to the torture of never knowing when it will happen, the excitement, the boredom, the ever-striving for inner peace. In the meantime, though, she's had the time t...


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