Texas Parents Upset by 'Segregated' Gym Class

Some parents in Sinton, Texas, hit the roof when they found out their kids' gym class at Smith Middle School was segregated. It's true. On Jan. 19, gym teacher Robert Mounts separated his students by eye color. The brown-eyed students started th...

Fiftieth anniversary of the Little Rock Nine

Fifty years ago, nine very brave children went to school. What made those nine different from every other student at Little Rock Central High was a minor physical characteristic -- the color of their skin. In the wake of a Supreme Court decision decl...

Hairspray offers a great message to 'tweens everywhere

Over the weekend I took my 10 year-old daughter, Cassidy, and her best friend, Emily, to see the remake of Hairspray. I had seen the original Jon Waters movie back in the 80's and remembered it as a good time, so I volunteered to take the girls for t...

High school separates students by race

A high school in California is under fire for separating students by ethnic group to provide "pep talks" on boosting test scores. High school principal Bev Hanson says she divided students into categorized assemblies (Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc.) i...

Lost in the fifties tonight

When Ronnie Milsap recorded the song Lost in the Fifties Tonight back in the mid-eighties, I don't think he was thinking of returning to a pre-Rosa set of rules for school buses. Having been born blind, he probably has little or no concept of skin co...

NAACP sues Nebraska's governor and a state committee over segregation

The NAACP is suing Nebraska's governor and a state committee who have sought to divide Omaha's public schools into three racially distinct districts. Supporters of the division say that minorities will be able to control their own school boards. Hmmm...


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