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Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face

A Florida teacher is off the hook for punching a student in the face, but whether she'll get to return to her job is still in question. Prosecutors decided to drop their case against art teacher Sandy Hadsock, 64, saying a student's cell phon...
Prosecutors drop charges against teacher, saying she acted in self defense.

Crikey! It's the Australian Mutant Ninja Mamas!

Fed up with street crime, Australian mothers are taking up jujitsu and getting ready to kick some serious butt. Credit: Getty Images
"M" is for the multiple contusions she gave you. "U" is for all the food you'll have to gum. Because "M" ...

Pedophile taken down by mom and a lead pipe

It's a terrifying scenario, but given the ability, I think it would play out about the same for each of us. Wendy Nelson's ten-year-old daughter was playing at a local playground when a man tried to take her clothes off and abduct her. Mrs. Nelson wa...

Muggers go after teen kick-boxing champ, pay the price

Pauli Borchardt was walking home one night when he was approached by three muggers demanding his cell phone. Under normal circumstances, the smart thing would be to give up the phone and try not to get hurt. However, Borchardt is an amateur kick-boxi...

Update: School districts stops teaching kids to fight back

Just recently, I wrote about a Texas school district that was teaching students and teachers to fight back against an armed intruder by throwing things at the intruder's head. The Burleson Independent School District, which is outside of Ft. Worth, ...


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