Divorce Hurts Kids' Math Grades, Research Shows

Study shows children of divorce may suffer in math. Credit: Getty Images
You might want to stay married. Think of the children.
Research shows divorce makes children feel lonely and sad. They experience depression, anxiety and low s...
Two minus one can equal something entirely wrong for children of divorce.

Sex, Drugs, Cash? College Kids Would Rather Have a Self-Esteem Boost

Studies show kids would rather be praised than have sex. Credit: Getty Images Forget about sex, booze, Red Bull or cash. College kids are happiest when they're getting good old-fashioned ego boosts. Two new studies conducted by re...Toga parties and keg stands? Nope, college kids just want healthy shot of self-esteem.

Medical Mystery Surrounding Highly-Sensitive Kids ... Solved?

This book could help in diagnosing your child's sensitivities. Courtesy of Sensory World
You have a gut feeling that something's wrong with your child: He's often cranky, confused, overwhelmed, fatigued. At times you suspect a rare illness --...

Baby Wigs: Disturbing Trend?

Hirsute babies? Credit: Loubi Lou, Getty Images
Like those stretchy headbands weren't bad enough -- some moms are so embarrassed by their bald baby girls that they're putting them in custom-made wigs. Blogger Sandra Rose recently shared the s...

Kids' Decor Goes Multiracial!

Picking out the right bedding and decor for a baby's room can be challenging enough in its own right, before you've even added the challenge of your new bundle of joy. For some, just picking between stars and fairies and safari animals can be a tough...

Raising self-esteem is magic

Learning magic tricks is more than just good fun and manual dexterity; it turns out it raises kids' self-esteem as well. Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK assessed the sociability and confidence of fifty ten- to twelve-year-old...

Kid's materialism linked to self-esteem

According to new research, adolescent children who are overly materialistic, coveting every new gadget that comes out and begging for the latest designer clothes, are often trying to compensate for low self-esteem. University of Minnesota Professor D...

The power of No

According to this article, many parents have a hard time saying no to their children. I personally don't have this problem and sometimes say no just because I can. I don't even need a reason. But I have forwarded the article to my husband because he ...

Don't tell your kids they're smart

Jared is pretty smart. At not-quite-five, he's already reading at a second-grade level and doing basic addition and subtraction. (Yes, I'm bragging. Sorry. 8^) According to this article in New York Magazine, however, I may not be doing him any favors...

Self-esteem and children

Self-esteem is an interesting concept in that it is like love: everyone knows what it is, but no one knows exactly how to define it. Nevertheless, people still study the concept. An article in Pediatric Nursing last month suggested that self-esteem i...

Growing up scrawny

Being a woman in our image obsessed society is hard. Sure there are countries where being a woman is much more difficult, but the image thing is a struggle for many of us. When I was pregnant with my daughter I often thought about how I would raise h...


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