New TLC Documentary Checks in On McCaughey Septuplets, Now 13

Thirteen candles? Try 91. The world's first surviving septuplets celebrated their entrance into the world of teendom when they turned 13 last month, and in a TLC special the McCaugheys talk about their struggles, challenges and triumphs. In...The McCaughey septuplets are 13. Join in on the party tonight on TLC.

Septuplets born to Egyptian couple

Ghazala Khamis made history last week when she gave birth to seven apparently healthy babies via c-section, making her only the second mother ever to successfully give birth to septuplets. The children, four girls and three boys, all appear to be doi...

Dilley sextuplets in high school

When my oldest started high school this fall, it was sad and exciting at the same time. My baby! High school! But I didn't have too much time to be melancholy or fret about the passage of time because I have other kids and opted to save the BIG buck...


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