The Handwork Studio Summer Camps

Yep, we're one of those parents. You know, the parents who wait until the very last minute to figure out what the heck we're going to do with our kids once school is out for the summer. And, from the looks of the calendar, we've got about two wee...Let your kid get her "Project Runway" on with this touring day camp.

Used Halloween costumes, are they better?

For those of who are chronic procrastinators the Halloween costumes are disappearing at a rapid pace. Although it is fun to browse the holiday aisle in August, I rarely feel so inclined as to snap up my children's costumes that early. In the span of ...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Turning off the TV and computer

We notice such a vast difference in our kids in terms of their behavior, their calmness, and their creativity when we force them to turn off all of the screens in the house (as Mary P. calls them): The TV and computer screens. We usually let them pla...

Buntings for spring

It may be this is one of the last remaining simple and lovely decorations Martha Stewart has not yet co-opted (at least, I don't see it on her website). It's strangely hard to find many people online who are doing this, even though it's an easy and f...

Princess fabric an adult can love

There's a special place in most little girls' hearts for princesses. And that leaves a lot of parents wishing Disney would implode, and for sure stop making cereal. I'm sure at some point my mom and dad longed to never see Anything. Pink. Again. Bu...

Marimekko fabrics new line for spring/summer 2006

Marimekko, maker of beloved, stylish, and riotously colorful fabrics and products, has a gorgeous spring/summer line on its web site. Between 1949 and 1987, Maija Isola designed over 500 fabric prints for Marimekko, of which some fifty designs are st...

Seamstresses start your engines: free pointy kitty pattern

Hillary of wee wonderfuls - a gorgeous craft and family blog - is offering a free pattern for her pointy kitty stuffy. Get it while it's hot! Hillary also offers an FAQ page with answers about where she gets her crafting patterns (primarily she inven...


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