College Website Rates Female Students as Sex Objects

A Boston University student started the website to rate female classmates. Credit: Corbis
That girl sitting across from you in your political science class is a straight-A student who works two jobs so she can be the first person in he...
Now your friends can rate your little sister's boobs online.

Is It Possible to Avoid the Princess Phase?

Down with Cinderella! My twins aren't even three years old, and I'm already sick of that girly triumvirate that seems impossible to escape when you are raising girls: The Princess/Barbie/Pink matrix. Toys 'R' Us has entire aisles devoted to Disney...

'Wife' School - Would You Send Your Daughter?

Make Over Camp for your little Betty Draper. Photo:
We have a handful of etiquette-related rules at our house, like these, for example:
No feet where you eat.
Say please and thank you. When someone gives you a gift, ...

Valentine's Day sexism

"I'm horrified." That was my response when Rachel showed me the valentine's she had put together for Jared's class. There was one bag for boys and another for girls. I'm big on gender equality and don't think there should be girl's this or a boy's th...

In the men's room

As a year-end bonus, the company I work for gave all the employees an extra day off -- New Year's Eve. Rachel and I decided to take the kids downtown for the day. Rachel needed some maternity clothes and wanted to check out the big Old Navy store whi...

The Dangerous Book for Boys: video preview

To a large extent, Connand Hal Iggulden's The Dangerous Book for Boys embodies everything I'd rather not teach my child about gender stereotypes. Namely, that boys are supposed to like rough and tumble fun, while girls sigh, shrug, and think "boys wi...

Young Republicans sponsor fake "whites-only" scholarship

It's tough growing up white, privileged and conservative, you know? All those scholarships colleges give to "disadvantaged" women and minorities are, like so unfair! Wouldn't it be funny to sponsor our own scholarship -- one just for straight, white ...


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