Cell Phone Confiscated, Student Sues

A student, who was expelled from school for refusing to surrender his cell phone, is now suing the school. Credit: Getty Images "They can have my cell phone -- with saucy pictures of my ex-girlfriend -- when they pry it from my cold, d...Catholic school faces lawsuit after student refuses to hand over cell phone.

California Considers Expelling Kids for Sexting

Students in California can face expulsion for sexting. Credit: Getty Images Good thing for Rep. Anthony Weiner he is only a member of Congress. If he was a middle school student in California, this sexting business could get him in rea...Congressman Weiner could be a big trouble if he were a California school student.

Parents Sue School District After Their 13-Year-Old's Suicide Following Sexting Bullying

A Florida school district is being sued by the parents of an eighth grade student who committed suicide in 2009, after being harassed by classmates due to a sexting incident, Reuters reports. The news service says Donna and Charles Witsell cla...Parents of an eighth grader who committed suicide is now suing the school district.

Sexting: Case of 14-Year-Old Girl Provides Cautionary Tale to Share With Teens

Do you know what your teens are texting? Credit: Getty Images "Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, a medley of extemporanea. And love is a thing that can never go wrong ... and I am Marie of Romania." -- Dorothy Parker Love is f...Teen sexting case prompts discussion for parents and kids.

Should Teen Sexting Be Decriminalized?

Sexting is a crime in most states. Credit: Corbis A teenager sending nude photos to another teenager is considered a sex crime in most states. Because of child pornography laws, a 15-year-old who stupidly sends a picture of their priva...

Texas Going Soft on Sexting? Teens May Be 'Educated' Rather Than Jailed

Don't even think about sexting. Credit: Getty Sigh. What has happened to Texas? State law makes it illegal for teenagers to send sexually explicit text messages, but the offenders are not executed. Texas is usually the state yo...Texas may try educating sexting teens rather than stringing them up.

Apple Makes Crude Teen iPhone Sexting Obsolete (Then You Woke Up)

Your iPhone can now be sext-free. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Gee, adults are sooo smart. They came up with a way to block teenagers from "sexting" -- that is, sending sexually explicit text messages -- on their cell phones. Ha! Ga...
Oh, yeah, kids will never outwit this latest attempt to clean up their text messages

Opinion: Your Grade-Schooler Doesn't Need a Cell Phone

Call it a day -- cell phones just aren't for kids. Credit: jupiterimages
Today's conventional wisdom seems to dictate that "cell phone" should be right there on the back-to-school shopping list along with markers, crayons and new shoes, but whe...

Court Rules Parents Can Stop 'Sexting' Subjects From Facing Charges

Posing for a photograph, which then becomes the subject of a "sext," is not a criminal offense, according to the federal court of appeals. The court finalized its first ruling concerning "sexting" earlier this week, The New York Times reports. This...

Rhode Island Lawmakers to 'Sexting' Kids: You Need Help, Not Jail

Rhode Island legislators want to teach young people some cell phone propriety. Credit: Getty Images.
Teenagers in Rhode Island who send sexually suggestive photos and videos of themselves on their cell phones are considered child pornograp...

New Program to Teach Parents Internet Safety

Donna Rice Hughes informs parents about Internet safety. Credit: Enough Is Enough
Hope Witsell committed suicide, becoming the nation's second death clearly linked to "sexting." Last June, Witsell, 13, photographed her breasts and forwarded ...

'TextEd' Website Launched to Combat Teen Sexting

Texting is ubiquitous in Canada, and growing every day. In September 2009, Canadians sent approximately 100 million text messages per day, and text message volumes have been doubling every year since text messaging was introduced in 2002. But when it...

Canadian Kids to be Taught Dangers of Sexting

Sending sexual text messages and photos -- or "sexting" -- on cell phones clearly is not a good idea. And if kids in Canada can't figure that out for themselves, their schools will help them. The Vancouver Sun in British Columbia reports that 10...

Is Your Child Sexting?

The latest topic of concern: Sexting. Credit: D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr
Maybe you got your child a cell phone because you wanted her to be armed in case of an emergency.
Or maybe you got it simply because you were tired of hearing her begging p...

Nude MySpace Photos Put Teen at Risk for Sex Offender Status

In a toxic mix of social media and impulsive behavior, a teenager who posted explicit nude photographs of herself on MySpace is facing child pornography charges that could force her to register as a sex offender -- a label she would carry for the res...


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