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Young Adults With STDs Swear Abstinence, Study Says

Did I use a condom? I don't know how I got that STD, Doc. I don't even have sex. Credit: Getty "Nope." "No." "Never." Young adults being treated for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are swearing to their docs that they're clue...Teens have STDs, but they claim they've never had sex.

Teens' Deeds Now Up infertility Risks Later

No one likes to think their teenager is having sex. And we all remember how that went when we ourselves were teenagers. The math suggests that teens ARE having sex--if, you know, Bristol Palin, for example, is any indicator. What teens might know abo...

Study: One in four teen girls has an STD

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have determined that one out of every four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease (STD). This number was based on an analysis of a 2003-2004 government health study involving a nationally representa...

Why do more teens have STDs?

According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in every 4 teenage American girls has a sexually transmitted disease. The CDC study also indicates that nearly half of all African American girls have an STD, while Whites and Hispanics averaged about 20...

Baby Boomers need sex education

As health worries go, aging Baby Boomers are finding themselves with more than arthritis and bad backs to contend with. According to Rita Strombeck of the Healthcare Education Association, the incidence of HIV is increasing at a faster rate among tho...


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